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September 2016

Rules Google Search Engine

With so many different search engines online today you need to take time to understand how their spiders work so that you can truly optimize your domain in order to get the best out of your web presence. In this article you will learn how any search engine spiders most popular actually work.

One of the smaller, popular search engines is InfoSeek. This search engine indexes only the first 200 words on your website. For this reason, it is very important to make sure you have good meta tags on your site. These meta tags should list the most important information first because this is the information that will be used as a description of your site. You must realize that most meta tags can only contain 200 characters of text. However, you can place 1,000 characters within your keyword meta tag.

You really should keep these simple rules about meta tags in mind for all search engines are working. At the same time, however, you must also realize that a lot of search engines do not even look at the meta tags. This is why it is so important to have the same information in the body of your website as well as meta tags. Of course you can not enter a list of keywords without this being detrhymental the content of your site.

Next search engine worth looking at is Alta Vista. Your spider is called Scooter and can take three months before it fully indexes your site. This is different from the average spider lasts only 6 to 8 weeks to index entire site. However, Scooter usually only spider between 2 and 10 pages of your website every week. That is why it takes longer, but at the same time, the longer you have your website up, the better it will do in Alta Vista. While

Excite was once a powerhouse search is no longer the provider of AOL and Netscape search, so it is much less important than it was before. Excite uses a complex algorithm to determine the relevance of keywords in your site. The way it works is that once trying indexes pages by selecting summarize what you think are the most relevant phrases. In order to keep this up to date, Excite continue after reviewing your page approximately every two weeks. Meta tags mean nothing to the ranking of Excite, but your description tags and relevant words will carry a lot of weight with this search engine.

Excite also owns WebCrawler but WebCrawled is operated independently of Excite. If you are able to get listed with WebCrawler, then you should do your best to keep your profile as this is the easiest search engine to get the list. However, you should know that your submission process is difficult, but not impossible. This is because it uses standard hit and miss in combination with sporadic indexing methods.

Lycos has fully integrated DMOZ (Open Directory Project aka PAO) in their results pages of the mainstream. They also use search results from AllTheWeb. It is important to do well in Lycos though because this is the site that click-throughs to HotBot, which is the sister site runs. All this makes it very difficult to understand Lycos. Overall though your site will be indexed by Lycos finally if it is indexed by DMOZ and AllTheWeb.
Of course, the biggest search engine out there today is Google. This search engine uses a classification system of the page is often referred to as PR. It is its central base for your index. There was a time when it was almost impossible to manipulate PR but webmasters soon found that the more links than had higher your PR and better your Google ranking. This spider search engine is periodically sent out whenever Google re-indexes its own database.

Other major search engine to get listed in MSN is. If you can get a good ranking in Google, MSN and Yahoo your site will do well, because these 3 search engines provide the most traffic from search engines. Usually, MSN will be the first search engines to index your site. The form also indicates most pages faster.

While no one can say precisely when a particular desire Search engine index, it is a good idea to check weekly. One thing you should never do is to submit your site more often than every two months. Re-submitting your site more often can help not indexed at all.

Now that you have a basic understanding of how any of the many online search engines today actually work, you need to start working to optimize your domain so you can make the most of their presence on the web. Hopefully this article has started you on your way to learn how to use these search engines to your advantage.

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