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March 2017

Writing SEO Friendly Blog Posts

amazing seo services los angelesThere is no better way to generate high quality traffic to your blog than search engine optimization. It’s one of the few methods that gets you reliable, targeted traffic without spending any money. The trick to getting this steady traffic is to create blog posts that are optimized for the search engines.

If you create your post randomly then it won’t serve any real purpose because you won’t have much search engine traffic. SEO has to be considered with every blog post you write, if you want to get significant results. Getting ranked for your targeted keywords should be the goal of your blog posts, and if you use some of the following tips you’ll be able to do this.

When assigning a rank to a page, search engines utilize certain components that are valuable and have a higher level of importance. The anchor text you use in your links is one such element. If the anchor text included in your posts has your keywords, this gives the search engines a green signal. This should be basically used for internal linking when you’re linking to your other posts or pages on the blog. When you include keywords in the anchor text featured in your posts you are basically increasing the value and importance of your posts to the search engines. You should get as many backlinks that are targeted and relevant as possible for your site. Leaving comments that include links to your posts on other blogs will help the search engines determine what keywords they should be ranking your posts for. While this isn’t a quick fix solution, it is still effective if done correctly as the rank of your post will increase and more people will see it. You have to be careful that you don’t spam anyone with links to your posts. Intelligently comment on other related blogs so that you can drive in traffic directly from them as well.

You should make your blog posts interesting to readers as well as search engine friendly. Many bloggers make the mistake of completely ignoring the search engines when they create the content for their blog. They only focus on the readers (which is a good thing), but weaving in the right keywords in the right places, your blog will go places. So whenever you’re writing a post, remember that you not only have to impress the readers but also the search engines. Click here for amazing SEO services Los Angeles.

In summary, the above article clearly explains how easy it is to create blog posts that are highly optimized for the search engines. SEO isn’t very mysterious, it just takes some patience and hard work. The secret to getting traffic to your blog is to keep adding quality content to it, and make sure it’s properly optimized.