Bing Search Engine Optimization

Bing (Search Engine):

A search engine is a technique which is used to search different kind of information on WWW (World Wide Web). The information can be either web pages, images etc. A search engine may contain algorithm. A search engine can also take user input and processed accordingly. The most typical search engine are google, HotBot, etc. As the technology vast day by day, there’s also need of new and vast search engine. The new search engine came in the market is Bing. Bing is the new search engine which is gaining more market share as compared to other search engines. Bing is released by Microsoft on June 3, 09. The preview of Bing is released on June 1, 09. Bing replaces live search services of Microsoft.

Bing Services:

1. Bing Health: As the name implies this service provide all the necessary information and related article about health. User can easily navigate complex medical related topic here.

2. Bing Images: It helps the user to navigate most relevant images and also providefeature of filtering image like its size, color etc.

3. Bing Local: It provides all local business details which helps local businessmen in their business.

4. Bing Translator: It allows user to translate web page in the user understanding language that means Bing is Multilingual.

5. Bing xRank: This feature informs about the ranks given to celebrities, politicians, musicians etc.

6. Bing Maps: It enables users to search for business, landmarks etc. It also provides bird-eye images and 3d-maps for searching.

7. Bing Travel: Bing travel service helps the user to find out best purchasing time for traveling in airplanes and also for reservation of hotels.

8. Bing Video: It allows users to search videos online and also provide short preview of the video.


1. The background images appear on the Bing search engine is changed daily. These images also contain information about the image. These images can be switched on or switched off.

2. It has left side navigation pane and on right side preview accordingly.

3. It also provide video preview.

4. Images can be browsed with continuous scrolling.

5. Bing can do mathematical calculations. Users simply enter the expression in search box only.

6. Bing provides tracking and tracing information directly by just writing company name and tracking number.

Bing allows users to search on mobiles via mobile browsers. The new feature in Bing is currently available for United States version only. Thus Bing is the new and vast searching engine which has many new exclusive features for web searching.

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