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Looking for top tips on search engine optimization? Then you’re at the right place. Read on to find exciting tips that you can actually use!

If you’re interested in gaining a high ranking for your web site, then you should be interested in search engine optimization. By working on improving your ranking at the top engines, you can generate larger amounts of traffic and higher revenue for your site.

Below are some strategies that can help you increase your rankings through search engine optimization.

1.Pick the best keywords No matter how much SEO work you do, if you choose the wrong keywords then you won’t notice the results you want. The keywords have to be appropriate which means they need to be the same words your likely customers might have used to find your product or service. Choose wisely.

2.Keep your content fresh Although you may not need to change the main text of your site on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to have a blog or a news section where you can continually update the content. Having new content on a regular basis will help you rank higher with the search engines.

3.Use keywords but not too much Have you ever stumbled onto a page that you immediately know was written for search engine optimization because it’s just filled with fluff dotted with the same few words over and over again? These pages are frustrating to people on multiple levels. For one, they’re annoying because if you’re serious about finding info or a product you don’t need to waste time at a useless page like this. Plus, they can lower legitimate pages in the rankings, at least temporarily. Eventually, these pages fall down the rankings which is another reason to keep your keyword density to around 1% to 2% which means your keyword would appear 5 to 10 times in 500 word article.

4.Pay attention to your URLs On some of the inner pages of your site, the URLs may be very lengthy. This is a common problem with large sites and eCommerce sites. Unfortunately, those long URLs can sometimes hurt your rankings and certainly make it difficult for users to return to at a later date.

5.Have a solid landing page Make sure the first page of your site visitors will notice immediately grabs them and shows them why this page is relevant to the keyword or phrase for which they were looking. No site visitor wants to search for cat food nutrition” and land on a page full of ads or other useless content.

6.Avoid elements that cannot help your search engine optimization rankings Avoid Flash and other multimedia elements on your first pages. These take a long time to load for dial-up users and can discourage them from sticking with your site. Plus, their elements cannot help your rankings anyway because the search engine bots that gather info about your site cannot read them.

By following these tips, you’ll increase the luck of your search engine optimization efforts and ensure that your site is going to secure a high ranking at major engines.

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