Experience a pleasant surprise from the prices of breakfast in the Golden Corral

Now there is a huge number of places for catering. But only a minority of them has really high-quality food, so it's important to know such places. One of such is Golden Corral with their delicious and cheap breakfasts. Let’s talk about Golden Corral breakfast price and hours to confirm this statement.

When we speak about Golden Corral we mean a chine of family-style restaurants which offers to it visitors different breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Their main feature is reasonable or even low prices that is affordable for everyone.

If you decide to have breakfast at the restaurant you will not be disappointed, because their choice of food and the prices will satisfy everyone. To not miss a breakfast time customers must be aware of the schedule of it. According to their schedule you can eat every day but till 11am. The price of the usual meal is only $8.69, so you can enjoy it without overpaying.

Moreover, Golden Corral offers other breakfast for $7-9 according to the type you order.

Note: The price and hours can be a little different, so check you local restaurant to be confident.

As was mentioned this chain of restaurants also provides lunches and dinners which have a high appreciate of customers. Following from this and taking into account prices, you can calculate that 3 full meals in this establishment can cost no more than $30. Not expensive as you see.

The best selection to order would be next: Cold Buffet: Salads and Dressings, Hot Buffet, Bakery and Desserts and Drinks.

Those who have a kid up to 12 years old can order a special menu for children depending on the age.

Additionally, each customer can participate in the survey held by Golden Corral and obtain a chance to win the everyday prize of $1000. In order to participate save your receipt and then enter a 14 digits code printed on it. Keep in mind that the receipt is valid only 14 days from it was issued.

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